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Research and Activities UP SEP performs and supports a unified set of research projects, trainings, and colloquia on various energy sustainability issues, focusing on the transportation and power sectors. Main themes revolve around:

Current Projects


1. Technology. Fossil-fuel versus alternative fuel energy technology options

2. Market. Mechanisms that influence energy costs

3. Behavior. Mechanisms that influence consumption behavior

4. Life Cycle and Sustainability Analysis. Integrating economic, environmental, and social

implications of Filipino energy systems

5. Public Policy. Translating findings to guide policy-making

Pilot Energy Audit for U.P.-Diliman

This work aims to determine the baseline energy consumption patterns of the U.P.-Diliman campus with eye toward identifying conservation and efficiency opportunities and their corresponding sustainability impacts. The pilot phase involves designing of methods and materials for performing an energy audit that will be used for a full energy audit in UP-Diliman and other system campuses. Results from this study will be published in a reputable journal and will be used as input for a campus sustainable energy system.
Team: Prof. Mili-Ann M. Tamayao; Prof. Ferdinand Manegdeg; Cherry Chao, Greyland Agno, Reza Sayareh, Alvin Palanca, Alfred Marx Garcia

Life Cycle Benefit-Cost Analysis of Wind Energy in the Philippines

Life Cycle Benefit-Cost Analysis of Wind Energy in the Philippines.

This study aims to provide a quantitative basis for policy recommendations on wind energy adoption in the power generation sector of the Philippines through a life cycle cost-benefit analysis. Costs and benefits (in PhP) are estimated for the three sustainability aspects of environment (CO2 emissions), society (health impacts), and economy (energy cost) from 2015-2030.
Team: Prof. Mili-Ann M. Tamayao; Prof. Louis Danao; Prof. Virginia Soriano; Alvin Palanca, Vincent Duller, Rowena Carpio, Alfred Marx Garcia